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​Aesthetics of

Tea Ceremony




OMOTESENKE SADO   practice (0KEIKO) at the real Chanoyu environment.

Hachijo Hiroma, Sanjo Daimoku, Roji, Machiai, Mizuya.   RO and FURO with real charcoal heat.

Your lifestyle retrea!t!

By spiritual experience at the real Cashitu.

​Escape from daily life to the special spiritual place to refresh yourself.

Getting started from ​extraordinary and very spiritual space of real Chashitu. 

Sharpen your sense to revitalize your innovative sense to do more exciting business! 


本格的な、八畳広間、三畳台目、水屋にて表千家茶道を学べます。 お薄、濃茶、炭手前、茶事の本格的な稽古が出来ます。 様々な茶道イベントの体験も出来ます。

​Learning SADO at authentic Chashitsu with "Hachijo-hiroma", "Sanjo-daime" and "Mizuya".  You can enjoy "Okeiko" and variety of SADO events!

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